Anchorage School Options - Where to Start


School Ratings

Anchorage School District is Alaska's largest district serving nearly 50,000 students at over 90 schools. As parents and newcomers to Anchorage - navigating your way through your child’s educational options may seem a bit overwhelming. People often ask about top rated high schools and elementary school ratings. The Julie Erickson Team cannot comment, as we must respect fair housing laws. For graduation rates, performance index scores, and teacher info, search by school at the ASD Reportcard to the Public. Comprehensive lists and reviews are also available at Read on for more on a few of the programs the Anchorage School District offers.

Special Programs by Anchorage School District

World Languages:

The World Languages Program prepares students linguistically and culturally to live and work harmoniously in multilingual communities at home and around the world. Research shows that language learning supports academic achievement and provides cognitive benefits to students. With the #1 and #2 most diverse high schools in the nation and over 70 languages spoken in our school district it’s not a surprise that Anchorage has many language immersion programs to choose from! ASD offers the following language programs:

  • Spanish located in Government Hill in North Anchorage
  • Chinese at Scenic Park Elementary in East Anchorage
  • Japanese located in Sand Lake in West Anchorage
  • Russian in old Turnagain also in West Anchorage
  • German – off Seward Hwy & Dowling
  • Yu’pik – Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are public schools that offer alternative teaching methods or curriculum. They operate under a contract with the district and have more independence than neighborhood schools. ASD offers a variety of Charter Schools including; Cultural and Language, Home School, Open Optional, Structured, Competency Based Learning, Waldorf-Inspired, and STEM-based. Charter schools are located throughout Anchorage.

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Qualification Only Schools:

  • The Highly Gifted Program is designed to meet the educational and social/emotional needs of students identified as highly gifted who benefit from academic enrichment beyond what can be provided in a standard school environment.
  • The Integrated Honors Program is a college-preparatory program designed to emphasize academic writing and analysis of classic literature. Experience with the Seminar Method begins in ninth grade and continues through the program.
  • The IGNITE program is an enrichment based pull-out program for gifted learners who have met the eligibility criteria under ASD's Plan of Service for Gifted Students. The program is available to students in grades 2-6, offering enrichment opportunities that incorporate universal themes with classroom learning.  Most elementary schools have IGNITE programs right in their schools so children don’t have to leave their home schools for this program.
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Range of Programs

We hope this information makes your journey a little easier. Whether you are new to Anchorage or have Called Alaska Home for quite some time, you will find ASD offers great schools to fit your family, and most importantly the needs of your child. For information on private schools in Anchorage, check out our Resources page.